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Competition Time

Last week was national gardening week and I launched a competition for anyone and everyone to enter no matter where you’re based. The competition is to design a miniature garden on a tray, in a box or some other ingenious bit of kit and to send me the image of your completed garden which I’ll then upload to Instagram @miniature_garden2020. This competition will run concurrently with RHS Chelsea week and the winner will be the garden with the most likes at the end of the week. Entries, if you’re interested, to me please by May 17th at This week has also seen me and my wonderful volunteers handsew lots of flowers in rainbow colours to create a display to adorn the outside of the shop. We’re hoping to have it up by tomorrow Monday 4th. Thanks this week are also due to my exceptional neighbour, Paula, for taking the time to motivate me and take me from a feeling of total overwhelm and inertia to a positive hive of industry by the weekend. Take care.

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