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Exciting Work in Progress

This week has been about establishing our zero waste credentials. We want to let you know about plans for a zero-waste market in Barnet; subject to permission from Barnet Council; we are currently in the consultation period. As soon as we have more news on this, we will update you.

We were rather disappointed not to be included in the definitive guide to zero waste initiatives in Barnet published recently. I had hoped to use this guide to locate enterprises for the market, but alas, they missed us from the guide. So instead, I am turning to you lovely people to help me get the word out. If anyone knows of individuals or organisations involved in zero waste, please get in touch. An example might be making chutney or jam from supermarket wasted fruit, recycling materials to create beautiful art pieces; the list could be endless.

Barnet currently lags so far behind other London boroughs like Southwark, Hackney or Haringey in zero-waste, but you can help us change that. I read recently about 2 women in Hackney who’d bought a 1990 electric milk float to deliver online refill orders to their Hackney customers, now if only my 18-year-old could drive!

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