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The market last week was a scorching affair, so hot that the icing melted on Blondie box’s cakes. All that seems a long time ago as this week we’ve created funeral tributes for Laura, wedding flowers for Joy & Sam, a buttonhole and corsage for a prom, prepared endless farewell and thank you flowers for teachers - oh and collected flowers from Nobu Hotel in central London. Collecting the flowers was an experience as I’d been dreading the drive, but as it turned out, we sailed into Portman Square in 45 minutes. The Sat Nav directed me through Regent’s Park, where we drove amongst a sea of cyclists with an occasional sighting of another car, and it felt very eerie. We loaded up the car and headed back home to turn them into table arrangements, buttonholes and bouquets for Joy & Sam’s wedding the following day. Thanks to Lubna, Chieko, Wai and Julie for your help this week; you’ve been amazing. Lubna and Chieko have only just completed a 5-week crash course in floristry at Capel Manor but worked as if they’d been in the floristry industry for years. We were sustained throughout by Theo’s iced lattes! This week looks a bit calmer, and I need the peace to get straight and tidy in advance of Comic Relief on Wednesday. Have a great week.

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