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Graffiti Artists Answer the Call

Many thanks Lianne and Janine who kindly answered last week’s call for a graffiti artist. This Thursday we’ve got Danny ‘zincstyles’ and Haringey young Offenders coming to create a mural on an outside wall, it’s going to be a great addition to the hub. I was also fortunate to be able to tick off another thing from my wish list, a trestle table. Barnet Council were moving to new premises earlier in the week and Young Barnet Foundation were invited to take any items they felt might be of use and I seriously felt like a lottery winner when they knocked at my door with

the table. Yesterday afternoon myself and Lynne Buchan started planting our palette wall - the beauty of this is as the plants were free and destined for the bin it doesn’t matter if they’re taken. This Friday 4th we have our first activity at the hub by then we’ll have flooring, electrics, a flower chiller and a functioning kitchen for tea and coffee. We’re hosting the autumn wreath making event as part of Silver week - would any of you be willing to be guinea pigs on this first activity, if so I’d love to hear from you I’m looking for 5 silver volunteers please. Tonight is Rosh Hashanah, Jewish New Year 5780 so for those of you who celebrate Shana Tova and for the others have a great week.

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