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Highgate to Seven Sisters

The Flower Bank’s week has comprised of numerous trips to the re-cycling centre, activities with old people and young offenders and collecting flowers from unlikely sources. I love the way in which the stunning roses in the photograph can be one day gracing the house of an extremely wealthy couple in Highgate and the next used by a young offender as part of his design for an old people’s home in Seven Sisters.

London really is a world of have and have-nots. In my previous update I mentioned that I was the “Carbohydrate Queen” of New Barnet which confused some people so please let me explain. M&S recently changed their policy so that not only are their flowers disposed of on a daily basis but so too their bread and any other dented tin or damaged goods. For months I’ve been overwhelmed by it all but as of next week on Tuesday morning Age UK will collect for their luncheon club and on Thursday’s Colindale’s community food bank will collect, it’s a small gesture and an unexpected outcome from my flower collections. Meanwhile back at the hub we’re close to finalising things with our builder and hope to start work soon. Have a wonderful week.

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