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In Awe of My Volunteers and All Volunteers

It’s been a crazy week and I’m drowning in flowers, yes the pick ups from the supermarkets still continue and I really can’t imagine what I’ll be collecting next week in the aftermath of Mother’s Day. By Tuesday I’d hooked up with charities delivering food parcels to the socially isolated. On Wednesday I delivered flowers to elderly residents at Jewish Care’s Lady Sarah Cohen House as an activity for them - it’s a great way of keeping in touch with them. The photograph is of bunches of flowers that the 2 DofE volunteers and I made up to deliver with food parcels in partnership with The Wilds cafe. I’m going to be doing much the same next week as I’m still collecting flowers. So if you know someone who’s socially isolated or just someone who’d like some flowers to cheer them up please get in touch with me. Thanks to my astounding volunteers for their support this week in particular Martin Laheen who despite being 70 still works tirelessly for the Tottenham community collecting and distributing food for the needy and collecting groaning trolley loads of flowers for me from Tottenham’s Aldi. Please take care of yourselves. Love Ursula

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