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Inspirational Week, Thank you

This week has been about inspirational older people. The gentleman featured in the photograph came to a session at Barnet’s well-being hub to create a wreath for his wife with dementia - he was a natural and needed no help from me. The next inspirational person was the sprightly 92 year old Elsa Shamash who I met as she was assembling tables for Barnet Refugee Service’s Christmas party - she came to this country on the kindertransport age 11 from Berlin. I spent a wonderful hour there meeting and watching women share dances from their respective countries. The third person has just retired at 88 from teaching yoga in East Barnet, her group thanks to their member and my amazingly supportive neighbour Paula were part of the crowdfund last year. Thanks also to Paula for introducing me to Crunchy Tales which is an online magazine that celebrates women in mid life. They’ve kindly featured me in tomorrow’s issue. One of the questions asked was the inevitable what advice can you give to others thinking about doing something similar - after some reflection I replied “Go for it - but remember you can’t do it all by yourself. I was extremely fortunate to have a wonderful group of crowdfunders last year made up of family, friends and strangers and now I’m gathering a wonderful group of volunteers.” I’m also indebted to Lucy Bridgers from High Living who took the time to visit The Flower Bank and has written a wonderful for their website Happy Christmas & Chanukah which fall together this year. Ursula

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