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Lonely social enterprise would like to meet

December 2018

The euphoria following the London Mayor’s pledge has well and truly died down and we’re now left with 44 days to raise £29K. I’m sure we can do it. Last week was Justice 2018 week so I wrote to some legal firms in Barnet to ask them for support. I sent out some social media SOS’s yesterday looking for estate agents, property developers and re-generation moguls to back The Flower Bank’s campaign - I think Friday must be a busy day in the property world because no-one got in touch! If anyone of you knows a plant loving altruistic property developer/lawyer please point them in my direction. In the run up to Christmas I’ll be available for traditional wreath making workshops please book me if you’d like to make your own. Thank you Rose for the prompt. We’ll also be holding a fundraiser nearer Christmas, more details to follow.

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