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Looking at Health & Wellbeing

March 2019

Last Saturday I created with the help of Haringey Youth justice team an installation for Haringey’s Unsung Women’s award (see picture) thanks to Paula Barnard Groves for creating the metal piece and Aldi and M&S for their flowers. I was approached by a researcher a few weeks ago about collaborating with her to do research into the impact of Green environment on health and well being of certain groups in society namely young offenders and dementia sufferers. We had our first meeting on Monday about creating an urban meadow in the grounds of Haringey’s Registry Office and all being well we plan to start its creation at the end of April. On Thursday I received 2 interesting invitations the first to talk to Holocaust survivors and do some floral activity with them and the second to create 25 centre pieces for a dinner to raise funds for victims of knife crime. If anyone is free to volunteer or just wants to know more I’d be delighted to hear from you. By the way Flower bombing isn’t great in this weather but normal service will resume when the weather is calmer.

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