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Loving This Time of Year

I love this time of year, well actually, if I’m being honest, it’s really only the decorations. Still, it did give me the wonderful opportunity to meet an old friend and Flower Bank supporter, Leo Smith. I haven’t seen Leo for well over 18 months. Yesterday, he visited the shop to collect flowers for the Pagan Halloween festival he’s running at his community forest garden Barnwood in East Finchley. There will be a fire and lots of sacrificial roses, so if you’re in the area of Tarling Road N2 8HU this afternoon, he’d love to see you. On Thursday, I received a phone call from an American Asset Management company wondering if I’d be interested in collecting flowers from an event they’re holding in November. “Yes, please,” I answered without thinking “where’s it going to be?” “Claridges”. I really am fortunate to visit these amazing establishments and benefit from how the other half lives - I’m a floral Robin Hood without the menacing. I rarely get messages of thanks from workshop participants, but Jo, who attended one of my flower sessions on Friday, wrote to say,” I absolutely loved the class this morning; you made my day!” Those words and the fact that she’d taken the time to get in touch made me so happy. Have a lovely week. Ursula

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