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Meeting With Architects

April 2019

I must begin by apologising once more to those kind people from Friern Barnet for being unable to deliver the Flower Bank Hub in N11 and that I do appreciate your support. Last Monday I visited the new premises in New Barnet with the architect Ulrike from what-if an architect’s firm used to working with social enterprises who’s drawing up plans to convert the space into an area for floristry display and space for activities. There’s some building work that needs to be done such as inserting windows and creating a new door but I’m hopeful that work can begin on the space in May with completion by June. The picture I’ve attached is one of my first feeble attempts to dress a litter bin. For those who don’t know The Flower Bank is taking part in the Chelsea Fringe Festival on Sunday May 19 at a few locations around Barnet, don’t worry it’s not too late for you to sign up for the day - please feel free to contact me as it’s wonderful to hear from you.

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