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Mitzvah Day

Last Sunday, Ella (my younger daughter) and I delivered some plants to some vulnerable and isolated members of the Barnet community as part of Mitzvah Day. We were thrilled on our travels to meet Peggy, who at 97 is still driving and shopping for herself and as we left was about to settle down to an episode of The Crown on Netflix - she was a complete inspiration. We’re continuing with the Mitzvah project donating plants weekly to Age UK and The Good Neighbours project,

both doing amazing work in Barnet. Jam Jar entries are starting to trickle in, and here are 2 entries we received this week. They’re all on display in the shop window if you’d like to have a look! Finally, we made our first festive wreath yesterday afternoon accompanied by Heart Christmas radio tunes. We really got into the spirit. Thank you, Naomi, for all your help yesterday; you were amazing. Have a great week.

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