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My Motivation to Move Mountains

I was interviewed this week by a journalist from the Observer for an article on redundancy and it’s aftermath. I recounted how I was asked by one HR Manager mid-redundancy meeting to tell him “what I actually brought to the party” and in another organisation’s redundancy round that “my face no longer fitted’. I hadn’t thought about those humiliating words for a long time but know that I’ve absorbed them and that they’re my motivation to move mountains. Meanwhile back at the shop we’re drowning in Poinsettias and basket arrangements so if you need a last minute gift for a teacher or colleague look no further. We’ve also been making up wreaths galore either at workshops or for orders. The activities with Barnet’s community groups are growing and from January I’ll be working with Barnet’s refugee service. The photograph attached is of flower cakes created by the people who attends Barnet’s well-being hub. Thanks to Helen and Laura from CommUNITY Barnet whose social media expertise is able to capture the moment brilliantly - my New Year’s resolution to improve my social media game!!

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