Official Opening Date is Set!

Painting in November is a paradox but really it’s one of the few thing remaining, apart from painting the sign above the door and the electrician’s final snagging before The Flower Bank can open its doors officially on Sunday December 1st at 2.00 pm - everyone is most welcome. Then, there’s just the slight issue of who will officially open the shop, from my own address book I can pluck the actor and The Flower Bank’s near neighbour who played Ricky in Grange Hill in the early 80’s whilst Antonio’s best friend is the man who wrote Typically Tropical’s one hit wonder “Barbados”. To be honest neither have little at all to do with re-cycling and floristry so if any kind soul knows of someone who might fit the bill please contact me - after 3 “it’s whoo, I’m going to Barbados...”


Phone: 123-456-7890

Registered Charity: 11455699

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