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Recycling and Happy Tears

Last week I received an email from Brent Cross’s environmental and community

coordinator wondering if I’d like their ex display plants. Of course I collected them and was treated to a whistle stop behind the scenes tour of Brent Cross at the same time - needless to say my drive home was rather testing! During the week I also received a message from someone in the community asking if I could find a use for her surplus garden flowers,. I’m picking them up on Monday morning as I’ll use them in my session with Barnet young Offenders later that morning and couldn’t be happier to put them to good use. On Thursday Lisa from Colindale’s Community Foodbank who picks up bread and flowers from me on a weekly basis told me how much the flowers are appreciated. She told me that the previous week 2 ladies who were given flowers were totally shocked and cried and said that no-one had brought them flowers for 30 years - now if only I can find a home for a 4’ ex display rubber plant I’d be laughing!!

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