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RHS Chelsea Fringe Festival

April 2019

Last night The Flower Bank registered to enter RHS Chelsea Fringe festival. The idea is for a Barnet wide floral installation involving The Flower Bank volunteers, Colindale Community Trust and Grange Big Local in a competition against the clock to decorate bins in homage to Lewis Miller (see photograph). The reason for using bins is that during all the media attention I received the constant theme was about me taking flowers from the bin to make into bouquets plus I love Lewis Miller’s designs. The plan is that on Sunday 19 May 10 teams around Barnet - 4 at Grahame Park concourse, 4 in Oak Hill Park East Barnet and 2 in East Finchley at Barnwood pocket Park will be against the clock to dress litter bins in as imaginative and creative way on the theme of re-cycling and re-purposing using flowers and other materials. The winning team will be the one that gets the most likes on Instagram. The event will take place between 1 and 3.30 and once the bins are disassembled everyone leaves with the flowers so there is no waste. I’m looking for volunteers so if you want to be involved please get in touch and help but Barnet on the Chelsea map.

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