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Rock Star Life

February 2019

What a rock star week I’ve had!! It began innocently enough with an article in the Times on Monday which then snowballed into radio appearances on 5 Live and Talk Radio and articles in i-news and The Week. By the time the Channel 5 film crew followed me to film a typical day in the life of the Flower Bank I was a seasoned veteran. I’ve just finished a photo shoot for Yours and still to come a radio appearance on BBC London next Friday 22nd with Jo Good at 2.30 and an article in The Jewish Chronicle. I must say that I was rather glad that I was dropped from Radio 4's Today Programme at the last minute as I felt as if I was being summoned to see the Headmaster I’d lain awake all night panicking that John Humphreys would ask me something confrontational about Alstromeria! After several false starts I’ve finally been able to secure the services of a solicitor, Judith Bleetman of Parkes Wilshire Johnson in East Barnet to begin negotiations on the lease of our proposed shop. Have a lovely weekend I’m off to leave a flower bomb in St Albans.

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