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I can’t believe it’s mid October and I’m still homeless. By the end of the week I’ve been promised that I’ll be ok to move in, just as well as Nomadic Youth have their inaugural half term holiday club next Sunday. Antonio, recently returned from his holiday and delighted by building progress in his absence feels that he now needs to work his magic on the back garden!!! During the week I collaborated with Men in Sheds Muswell Hill branch on creating a number of designs for a sustainable bar mitzvah and art event. Men in Sheds is a wonderful national charity that provides informal and fun community spaces for groups of men to connect, chat and create. The activities, often similar to those you might do in a garden shed have been proven to help reduce loneliness and isolation. Rather serendipitously for me Mark the Wood turning expert lives on Clifford Road just a few moments away from the hub. On Thursday Haringey young Offenders helped me at an activity at the Holocaust Survivor Centre in Hendon. It was a great experience for everyone involved and the 3 young men who came along were brilliant at helping make flower arrangements in cabbages, a first for all. Thanks to Francine Liebert who was a brilliant hostess. Thursday was also world mental health day and from Friday November 2nd I’m going to be running fortnightly drop in sessions at Barnet’s well-being service at the Meritage Centre, Church End in Hendon as well as offering a monthly drop in at The Flower Bank Hub. Have a wonderful week. Ursula

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