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Silver Week

Thank you Helena and Sue for responding to last week’s request for guinea pigs for Friday’s fun silver week activity. Although not quite complete it was great to get a feel for how the space will work. Apart from that this week has been momentous myself and countless organisations have been the lucky recipients of post Rosh Hashanah flowers I’ve collected insane amounts and have found many uses for them. Meanwhile back st the shop on Tuesday we had our flooring laid, Wednesday our flower chiller was installed and Thursday Haringey young Offenders and Zincstyles created a graffiti mural. All this was done in and around Steve, the most patient painter, decorator and Jack of all trades who unobtrusively continued his work. I will miss his company when he leaves next week because nothing phases him. Today I’ll be at Grange Big Local’s Fun Palace at Tarling Road Community Centre, London N2 - it’s a wonderful day where people demonstrate and swap their passions - I’m going to be demystifying the creation of the humble buttonhole using flowers from the Rosh Hashanah flower frenzy. As the project nears completion I’m still going to send out weekly posts but not via Spacehive if you still want to receive emails please contact me. Next week Antonio returns from his holiday and we’ll hear his verdict on the shop. Have a great week.

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