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Small Business Saturday

Yesterday was Small Business Saturday and a full day of wreath making at The Flower Bank. I’m indebted to a fantastic group of kind hearted and good spirited people who helped to promote, tag, tweet, clean, ferry, lug and you can see 2 of this amazing group in the picture Lubna and Judith. I’m currently a third of the way through my seasonal madness with early starts and late night drives into central London adding to the chaos. Last week included an early morning start to The Grosvenor Marriott and next week a late night Tuesday pick up at The Garden Museum. On Wednesday we’re delivering 40 table centrepieces to The Guildhall for Social Enterprise UK’s annual dinner and I’ve got lovely friends from college to help me with their preparation and I can’t wait to see them. If anyone would like to help with the flower collections in the morning please let me know because I’m struggling to get to them. Have a lovely week. Ursula

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