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This Friday night is Rosh Hashanah and on Thursday I’m doing a Rosh Hashanah workshop via Skype for Marion, Lilian, and Gillian residents of Jewish Care’s Lady Sarah Cohen House. It’s going to be a zero-waste arrangement in a jam jar which you’ll also be able to buy in our shop. As you are aware Government rules are changing tomorrow and so I’m meeting Arta from The Wilds on Tuesday to discuss the viability of our Zero Waste Market which we’d planned to hold on Saturday 26th September. Above all we want everyone to keep safe. It’s the second Sunday of the month so that means it’s Tottenham market, fresh flower stocks are low but we’ve got plenty of dried grasses plus lots of indoor and outdoor plants should you wish to visit. We’re at Tottenham Green from 11 - 4. A crochet flowers update - thanks to Sue Arran who has produced a gorgeous string of knitted loveliness and following a call with Barnet׳s U3a several of their vulnerable isolated students are now feverishly crocheting. Finally, if you have any photographs of your home-grown sunflowers please enter them via Instagram to #barnetsunflowerchallenge don’t worry you don’t have to live in Barnet to enter in fact we’d love the from the more far-flung locations. Have a lovely week. Ursula

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