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So Proud of My Young Offenders

December 2018

Last Friday 21 December was my final session with Haringey Young Offenders for 2018 and I was thrilled and proud by what one of the young people was able to achieve during the session. It’s taken me years to perfect what this young person was able to create in 90 minutes and what is more important is that the relative we made it for was over the moon too. I don’t know if you’re aware but in June, Radio 4’s You & Yours ran a feature on The Flower Bank which you can listen to at and the interview starts from 23:50. The item “from bin to bouquet” portrays succinctly the work of The Flower Bank and was definitely one of my proudest moments of 2018. I’m delighted that we now have over 150 backers in the crowdfunding campaign and many more supporters who’ve donated money directly to me - so thank you. An email of encouragement or words of support from you have meant the world to me as has the incredible encouragement of my wing woman and neighbour Paula who’s kept me sane and focused throughout this whole process. There’s now just 24 days remaining in our campaign but rest assured I’m working my hardest to find more backers to help us reach our funding target and I appreciate everything that you’ve all done so far. I will keep the momentum going in the New Year and aim to have events/flower flashes taking place throughout Barnet in the final week of the campaign from 10 January so if anyone wants to help me - please be in touch. Wishing you all a Happy Christmas and a wonderful 2019.

Florally yours Ursula

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