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Spreading the Love of Straw

I’ve spent the past week (on and off) with the help of Kevin (a neighbour with mental health issues) tidying the shop and garden. Booking is essential for both Haringey & Barnet’s recycling centres with a 10 day wait for the first available visit. Luckily enough a customer advised me about Potters Bar where no booking is necessary so yesterday I took a boot load of buckets and green waste and had no queue!!! I’ve been given a scholarship for an online Flower farming course which given the current reliability of the Flower industry I’m really attracted to. It’s also partly why I’ve been trying to tidy up the garden at the back because I’m sure I could create a tiny educational growing space on site This week has been about

as an alternative to foam - after seeing a picture of mine on Instagram Louise wanted to make her own and here she is in the photograph holding her wonderful creation. If you want to make one of these please get in touch. Have a great week. Ursula

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