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The Finish Line is in Sight

At last the builders are completing their final bits of snagging, they’ve spent the last 2 weeks creating a wonderful outside space, thankfully the weather’s been fine. It feels wonderful to be able to say it will all be over by Christmas. The grand opening will be on Sunday 1st December when you’ll be able to make Christmas wreaths and have a look round the space as well as visiting the community Christmas market we’re holding with the other shops on the parade so if you’d like to be involved either as a stall holder, to share your mulled wine skills or as a performer please get in touch with me. BBC London contacted me this week for a seasonal feature they’re planning (I can’t believe it was March that I was on the Jo Good Show) as they’d like to record me as I create Christmas wreaths with the many community groups I work with they’re hoping to be with us on 1st December too. The pumpkin in the photograph was created by a young offender at our session on Halloween and I just love the way the sunlight falls on it. Have a great week. Ursula

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