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Time for a Change of Gears!

Three weeks ago Caroline Marshall Foster, Editor of The Florist magazine, produced a useful checklist of things that florists should do during lock down. I must admit that I’d been feeling rather overwhelmed to that point so was grateful for the list. One of them “Decorate your window even though your shop is closed” galvanised me to ask my wonderful volunteers to produce hand sewn flowers in rainbow colours - our rainbow was put up on Monday. Today is #GardenDay where everyone is being encouraged to go into their gardens or on to their balconies wearing a flower crown and enjoy their surroundings. There’s a whole host of events happening for this virtual garden gathering, check out for the full list of activities, festivities kick off at 11. I managed to create a recycled flower crown from oddments I’ve found around the house and on a zoom call this week my tutorial must have resembled an old episode of Blue Peter as I showed people how to create this crown. Paper flowers are made from magazines and sticky tape and the headband from a rolled up plastic bag - it all proved too much for one of the participants but she’d been destined to fail anyway as she couldn’t find any sticky tape!! It was great feedback for me as I’ve got to repeat the tutorial to 18 women from Barnet Refugee Service next week. Next Sunday 17 May is the last day for you to send me images of your miniature gardens - anyone, anywhere can take place. So far I’ve received 1 entry from Scotland and the remainder from Barnet and I’d love to hear from other parts of the country. It’s a bad day for hayfever but despite that I’m off to put on my flower crown and sit in my dandelion ridden garden. I hope you have a lovely day.

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