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Watch This Space

It’s been quite a week - on Wednesday I was fortunate enough to pick up all the wasted food in the picture which was then collected and distributed by Colindale Food Bank to their clients. People who visited me that day were flabbergasted at the scale of it all. After many false starts I’ve finally found a builder who starts work at the shop tomorrow - it’s the husband of an ex Capel Manor classmate of mine who loves The Flower Bank’s ethos. He estimates that it will take between 4 - 6 weeks and that he will try and work round us. I’ve been busy de-camping plants and pots for weeks to the home of our wonderful supporter and volunteer, Carol. Carol lives 6 doors away from the shop and is a plant whisperer, she’s teaching me a thing or two about plant care. For the period of construction where feasible I’ll try and work from the shop but please watch this space.

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