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In normal circumstances, August is one of the busiest times in the Florist’s’ calendar as it’s wedding season. The wedding industry in this country employs thousands of people and generates a vast income for the UK. Currently flower growers and wholesalers, importers and exporters, event planners, caterers, beauticians, dressmakers, musicians, venues, entertainers., vehicle hire to name but a few are suffering a massive and irredeemable financial loss. This sector seems to have been forgotten so if you’re as concerned as I am join the campaign on social media and use the hashtag #whataboutweddings. I’ve been fortunate this week to sneak away to Scotland for a couple of days it’s been wonderful to re-charge my batteries and escape London’s blistering heat thank you to my sister and brother in law for their fantastic hospitality. Whilst here I’ve been discussing the growing options for The Flower Bank and I’m looking for a growing space in Barnet where we could work with an organisation/residential home to grow herbs could then be sold in the shop. Does anyone have any ideas? Have a great week. Ursula.

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