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Whirlwind of Activities

On Thursday I ran an activity at the Holocaust Survivor Centre in Hendon which young offenders were invited to attend. At the last minute their transportation let them down and I really don’t know who was more disappointed but we’ve re-scheduled a date for September. Yesterday The Flower Bank took part in Togetherfest at The Arts Depot in North Finchley where I was able to spread my lifelong love for sticky back plastic to a future generation by making the Mandalas in the picture. Blue Peter has much to answer for and it was really lovely to spend time with the families as they made their creations. On Tuesday I’ve been invited to attend JCoSS secondary school in New Barnet. The school’s interested in supporting our charity next year so have invited us and other shortlisted groups to promote their work without giving away freebies. The pupils will then vote for who they want to support. If you have an idea on how to be creative and engaging please get in touch. Have a wonderful week

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