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Wilting In The Heat

Question - how do you keep flowers alive in this heat? Answer - with great difficulty. This Thursday the hottest ever recorded July day you found me with buckets of iced water, a fan and an air conditioning unit struggling to get the heat down. On the plus side the orchids and rubber plants loved it!! On Wednesday I was delighted to create my first floral mobile for those living with dementia. Floristry and the impact it has on people living with dementia is an area I’m very interested in. I have been been introduced to Montessori techniques in dementia by Tamer an activity

coordinator at Lady Sarah Cohen House, watching the respectful way he engages with residents is inspirational. On Thursday I ran my first workshop for Age UK Barnet and I’d been lucky to collect the previous day a gorgeous selection of tropical loveliness from Tivoli Services. It was also extremely refreshing to have a gentleman take part and you can see how pleased he was with his finished design in the photograph. I’m struggling to make collections from Aldi East Barnet although my nearest participating supermarket I seem to be more adept at collecting from the more far flung suppliers - would any kind soul mind taking this on for me please? Keep well and for those going on holiday have a wonderful break.

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