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coming to Barnet

Ever wondered how you could move towards less waste in your life and want to make some changes?


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Community Hub, Events & Workshops

The Flower Bank opened its doors recently to run a pop up shop in our community hub.  It was wonderful to meet our neighbours, crowd funders, old and new friends and welcome them to our base.  The space is makeshift as we are going to start building work soon.  So please watch this space for progress updates.

Care Home


We run flower arranging classes in care homes, Dementia homes, residential and day centres. The colour and the smell of flowers seems to really help the patients.  Working with flowers seems to have a restorative effect 

The Cutting    Garden

Working with young offenders and volunteers we set up the community garden. They worked really hard clearing tree roots and weeds to build a fairy garden, rockery and raised beds using recycled materials.

Recycling &


The Flower Bank re-purposes 58% of the wasted flowers they receive but that's not enough. Though we do not just recycle flowers, we do so much more and there are lots of of ways you can get involved too. 

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What We Do

The Flower Bank is an award winning, zero waste social enterprise that wants to change our community for the better. Selling goods and services in the open market, creating employment and reinvesting our profits back into the business and our local community.


Working with volunteers and young offenders to donate re purposed flowers to care homes, contact centres and local community places. 


"The Flower Bank holds flower arranging sessions for our tenants/residents on a bi-monthly basis and delivers wonderful displays once a week to our Reception which our tenants really appreciate." 

Goodwin Court, East Barnet, EN4


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